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Orthopaedic Surgery PA Fellowship (OSPAF):

Our mission is to provide postgraduate Physician Assistants the opportunity to advance their knowledge, skills, and competency beyond primary care. The OSPAF is committed to providing superior postgraduate didactic and clinical training to Physician Assistants who desire specialized careers in orthopaedic surgery. This signature program provides an intense and holistic blend of learning opportunities that ensure the success of the participants as orthopaedic surgical assistants and as providers of orthopaedic care in a clinical setting. 


The mission of Arrowhead Orthopaedics is to be the premier provider of choice for musculoskeletal services in the Inland Empire. This we achieve by providing quality comprehensive orthopaedic and rehab care in a convenient, efficient, responsive and accountable manner to maintain the dignity of our patients and ensure their satisfaction. The OSPAF program is but one obvious manifestation of the group’s commitment to excellence through the training of postgraduate Physician Assistants to practice as Orthopaedic Specialists.


Program Objectives

The general objectives of the program include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Provide hands on training in manipulative reductions of fractures and dislocations of the upper and lower extremities.This includes the use of skeletal and skin traction, splinting, and casting as the situation warrants.


  • Provide extensive experience in the triage, evaluation and treatment of all orthopaedic emergencies, injuries, and diseases.


  • Provide surgical first-assist training in order to advance technical skills for the many and varied orthopaedic procedures.


  • Familiarize the Fellow with common musculoskeletal disorders found in clinical practice and the types of treatments available. This includes splinting, casting, bracing, and injections as the situation warrants.


  • Provide exposure to the many and varied technical skills and procedures utilized for orthopaedic emergencies, trauma and surgery.


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